About Us

Nab Iran Commercial Co. has founded in 2001 in Tehran ; It has been developed into one of the largest distributors of all iron and steel products in Iran steel market.
The company relying on its experiences and facilities can satisfy all the customers who are looking for high levels in the quality and services.
As Nab Iran Commercial we can provide all series of die steel including 1.2312 , 1.2311 , 1.7225 , 1.2080 , 1.2430 , 1.2007 , 1.7176 , and so on.
All the grades and series are fully recognized by the market and valued by the customers in Iran.
We have another services for our customers as consultation , designing , cutting by dimensions and any other needs in this area.

The most important strategy in our group is based on customer orientation and providing all the services without wasting time and carefully .

Some of our activities

- Providing Professional Guides
- Price Annunciation and Up to Date Product Informing
- Importing many types of Alloy Steel
- Inventory of all grades of Industrial levels such as Circles , Girder and Alloy Steels
- Presell of Importing Products
- Informing Steel Products
- Cutting , cutting of all types of Industrial plates
- Exporting to Iraq , Pakistan , Tajikistan , Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and …
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